Yet state channels Canada Goose Jackets showed footageof

A humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

buy canada goose jacket cheap CARACAS, Venezuela In the world according to the Venezuelan government, state food programs are stockingempty supermarket shelves. General Assembly last uk canada goose outlet month. He insisted that there is no crisis. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The nationof 31million is descending into chaos a situation so desperatethat HIV and cancer patients aregoing without treatment andparents aresurrendering their hungry children to orphanages. But the government is doubling down on efforts to portray an alternative reality. ForVenezuelans, each day bringsa new barrage of propaganda on state media depictinga country that few of them recognize.

There may be a buy canada goose jacket calculated logicto the official denials. Humanitarian crises have been cited in the cheap Canada Goose past to justify canada goose coats military action, including incursions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Canada Goose online Fueled cheap canada goose in part by the Trump administration and Sen. Marco Rubio (R Fla.), as well assome cheap canada goose uk Latin Americandiplomats and politicians, talk appears to be growing of a possible outsidemilitary solution to Venezuela’s plight.

[Trump, Venezuela and the prospect of a coup]

“It’s immoral what they’re doing denying the crisis,” said David Smilde, a Venezuela expert at Tulane University. “But from canada goose black friday sale their point of view, they have a huge motivation to not admit the extent of the crisis and therefore offer a compelling argument for military intervention.”

buy canada goose jacket President Nicols Maduro at a news conference in Caracas on Sept. 18. (Ariana Cubillos/AP) buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals On a recent morning, Venezolana de Televisin, a state broadcaster,aired images of an idyllic communal farm providing plentiful jobs forcontented workers. “We are very happy here,” an elderly man said. “I’m proud andgrateful for this collective farm.” canada goose deals

A few days earlier, state TV had shown Margaud Godoy, the pro Maduro governor of the state of Cojedes, cheerfully discussing shipments of subsidized meat to supermarkets. In grocery stores across the country, meat of any kind has been nearly impossible to find for weeks. Yet the camera Canada Goose Coats On Sale shot showed juicy beef being cut for distribution.

Canada Goose Jackets At a large supermarketin eastern Caracas, shoppers begged to differ. The meat counter had no beef or chicken, and canada goose asection for pork was half empty. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka “If they’re supplying someone with meat, it’s themselves, not the people,” said Agustin Diaz, a 34 year old mechanic. Canada Goose Parka

Many Venezuelan children returned to school in September with worn uniforms and holes in theirshoes, some of them underweight Canada Goose Parka because of thefood shortages. Yet state channels Canada Goose Jackets showed footageof children in impeccable clothing, merrily returning to class. The reports also failed to mention a severe funding shortfallthat appears set to force the closure of hundreds of schools canada goose store nationwide.

canada goose coats on sale Empty desks are arrayed in buy canada goose jacket cheap a classroom on the first day of school in Caucagua, Venezuela, on Sept. 17 another sign of the flight from the country’s economic crisis. (Marco Bello/Reuters) canada goose coats on sale

canada goose black friday sale “With energy we go back to school, happy to see our friends,” a narrator said. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket Aid groups estimate that 1.6million to 2millionVenezuelans will leave the countrythis year to escape hyperinflation and the scarcity offood and medicine. Those numbers are on top of the 1.5millionwho left between 2014 and 2017. canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose [Overwhelmed: Venezuela’s migrant crisis is reshaping Latin America] cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online But early in September, the government’s communications minister, Jorge Rodrguez, canada goose clearance and his sister,Vice President Delcy Rodrguez, called an international newsconference to unveil what they said was evidencethat themigrant and humanitarian crises were a hoax. Canada Goose online

The communications minister said the fact that more tweets Canada Goose Outlet are circulating about a “humanitarian crisis” in Venezuela than about one in Syria, where there is an outright war, pointed toan organized “fake news” campaign. He also suggested that Venezuela’s socialist system remainsan enviable draw for myriad people in the region.

canada goose store “If there’s a humanitarian crisis here, then why are 5million Colombians still living here? Are they masochists?” Rodrguez said. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Maduro has suggested, meanwhile, that the flows of migrants out of Venezuela are no larger than in past canada goose factory sale years. And Canada Goose Online if they are, he says, it’s only because Venezuelans are being tricked into leaving or else are setting off totry their luck elsewhere with pockets stuffed with cash. Canada Goose Outlet

“The fabricated migrant crisis is provingto be a lie,” Maduro said lastmonth.

canada goose clearance For two decades, backers of Venezuela’s “Bolivarian Revolution” the brainchild ofPresident Hugo Chvez, who died in 2013 talked upits canadian goose jacket empowerment of the poor through welfare programs and leftist labor laws. But since Maduro, Chvez’s anointed successor, took office, the already shaky economy has spiraled into uk canada goose a seemingly bottomless canada goose uk outlet crisis. Experts attribute the crash to a toxic mix of failed socialist policies, corruption, mismanagement and lower oil prices the last a disaster for a country with the world’slargest proven oil reserves. canada goose clearance

In his most vulnerable moments, Maduro has appeared to recognize his mistakes. In August, he announced new economic policiesdesigned to fix “past errors.” He has conceded that the state oil company, PDVSA, has been on the verge of collapse and has jailed officials he said were responsible.

canada goose But he has never fully admitted the scope of the country’s social, health or migrant crises, Canada Goose sale and thegovernment hasrejected humanitarian aid from charities and nongovernmental organizations, insisting that itis not needed. canada goose

Thathas left state media and self censored outlets as the primary purveyors of information for the canada goose coats on sale 50percent of the country without access canada goose uk black friday to the Internet.

Canada Goose sale For Venezuelans, the propaganda can seem surreal. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats Nelsy Cruz, canada goose clearance sale 76, a resident of a working class neighborhood 24 miles east of Caracas, canada goose uk shop glanced at state TV reports as she tidiedher living room canada goose coats.

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